CRNO Coils and sheets

CRNO Coils and Sheets

To meet the demands of the electrical industry, Rourkela Steel Plant offers Cold Rolled Non Oriented (CRNO) fully processed steel used in the manufacture of magnetic cores and components.

Standard Width

The standard width of CRNO coils or sheets are 900, 950 and 1000 mm.Slit coils can be supplied in minimum width of 100 mm and then in multiples of 10 mm.Other sizes are negotiable.

Standard Length

The standard length of CRNO sheets is 2000, 2500 mm.

Coil Weight

1 to 5 tonnes.

Insulation and Applications
Insulation Designation

Natural coating
Fractional horsepower motors and relays, small communication power transformers and reactors.
Organic coating
Air/oil-cooled medium sized power and distribution transformers, medium sized continuous duty, high efficiency rotating electrical machinery.
Inorganic coating
Applications requiring insulation similar to C-3 and a stress relief anneal. Used extensively for small stamped laminations that require higher resistance than what is provided by annealing oxides.
Semi-organic coating
Applications requiring stress-relief anneal and burn-off treatment. Extremely useful for stamped laminations of hermetically sealed compressors used in refrigeration system.